House Of Zunn Zunuj Spring Summer Lawn 2015

This summer, if you do not have any outfit of House of Zunn, in your wardrobe? Then go and get one because this year’s collection is one of kind and you would  get a complete package in your range. Its a trivial fact that this year the brands or designers have canceled their contract with their previous partners and have started to work with the other collaborators. Priory, House of Zunn was working in  collaboration with LMS which stand for Lakhani Silk Mills, but this year they have decided to work with SNT and generating their products from Imperial Textiles and have released their very fresh collection of classic lawn, House Of Zunn Zunuj Catalog 2015 Vol-1 by SNT. 3 piece suits with novel designs , Indian-style-of-cuts inspired shirts, digital inspired floral colors, balanced mixture of light and dark shades, richly embossed front and back are the distinct specification of this wardrobe. The shirts are of normal length not too much long neither too much short, distinctly embellished with cross work, lace work, and net patches with chickan kari and prominent thread work embroidery. Most of the trousers are laced, embroidered and printed, unlike other collections.  Apart from this,  the duppattas are of chiffon and have digital prints with ralli-style and complements the whole outfit with simplicity and style. And one note-worthy fact is that these coutures can be fit-in with the modern girls who like to wear sleeveless shirts and even for those girls who like to wear sleeves. So this summer get colorful and charming  by adding  House Of Zunn Spring Summer Collection 2015 to your lawn stock.

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