House Of Ittehad Eid Ul Azha Embroidered Cambric 2015

Ittehad Eid Collection 2015:
Get a glance on the latest announced catalogue from the House of Ittehad, Ittehad Royal Cambric 2015. Buoyancy and flamboyancy are the two related terms which are correlated factors in the creation of any dress or a whole collection. Every designer or brand contrives its showcase by keeping these two driving words as motivation and inspiration. Significantly these words arbitrate the incorporation and sequencing of the designing impressions and coloration in the articles of a festive or casual everyday outfitted collection. Buoyancy evokes the confident flair of the wearer in terms of the comfortable tailoring features, whereas, flamboyancy contributes in the apparel’s fabrication and outward presentation in the shape of hues, imprints, and embellishments.
For so many decades, the House of Ittehad is contouring its portfolio upon the vivaciousness and optimism in every woven thread of the dress. Focused upon the single minor or major detail, the trousseaus of Ittehad Textiles project the perfection and liveliness with quality features and craftsmanship. For this midsummer and Eid Ul Azha festive activities, House of Ittehad is about to hit the store with its ethnically enriched embroidered line of outfits on the 5th September with the title of Ittehad Eid-Ul-Azha Collection 2015.

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