House Of Ittehad Cinderella Embroidered Chiffon 2015 for Eid

House of Ittehad Cinderella Eid Collection 2015:
Being girls we are accustomed of getting inspired and dreamy about the stories books we used to read and cartoon which we used to watch which were about a princess who is wearing a beautiful gown, living in a wonderful palace and waiting for its princes charming who will make her life more pretty than ever and finally in the pursuit of that prince, her dreams finally come true and she finds the ultimate desire of her life. ‘Well forget about all this drama, this thing only happens in the fairy tales but not in the practical and real life’, this is what we start to think when we start to have some rationality in our thinking, but what we cannot still help it to think and get fascinated upon the sight of all those pretty dresses which those princess used to wear in the fairy tale. This just because that we only fall for the dresses and idealize ourselves to be wearing those typical medieval attires eve in the real living time.
House of Ittehad Cinderella Eid Embroidered Chiffon 2015 have also been delineated upon the same old but classic fairy tale theme, and is inspired with the same embellishments which were inculcated in the form of fine embroidery with not so prominent colors, gentle hues, pretty prints, net-work and many more.

Intricately designed and stylized three piece and single piece dresses that are filled with light base and garnished with colourful thread work. Each dresses has two colour combination along with colourful thread embroidery on front and on birders. The price range of Cindrella Embroidered Chiffon starts from 1500 PKR to 300 PKR.

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