H&H Sara Embroidered Kurti Collection 2015

H&H Sara Embroidered Kurti Collection 2015

H&H Textile Pvt is a renowned textile producing organization of Pakistan that deals mainly with lawn and voile fabrics. This organization has been proved excessively quality conscious since its creation and it  has been providing its customers superb quality product from very beginning. As, they always pay great heed upon the selection of raw material, they have excelled in the modern printing techniques and they have hired designers with enviable creative talent so they are very successfully producing textile goods which are being liked by countless people both in Pakistan and abroad. In order to keep up with the modern fashion trends and of course, to set new trends by itself, this organization is paying great attention on embroidery techniques these days and gaining tremendous amount of appreciation from the public. For instance, a few days earlier an excessively eye catching sort of embroidered Kurti (tunic) collection has been brought in the market by H&H Textile Pvt under the title of Sara Embroidered Kurti Collection 2015.

H&H Textiles Sara Embroidered Summer Kurti Collection 2015In this collection there have been included sixteen  exclusively elegant items which have generated their own demand immediately after the release of the collection. All these items have been printed and embroidered with great care and are reminding us of the apparels of any goddess of old Roman or Greek mythology. All these Kurtis or tunics have very prominently and intricately embroidered necks and Damaans and there are a few items in the same collection in which embroidered embellishment can be seen on the backs and sleeves too, in the form of lovely motifs. Further, there are  a few items in this collection  looking remarkably awesome with nicely designed asymmetrical Damans and baggy sleeves. In short, all the color combinations, prints and embroidered patterns  here are very well chosen,  so looking remarkably alluring and ready to give you a cool and stunning look in the hot and sultry summer evenings.

New Kurti From Sara Embroidered Kurti Collection 2015 By H&H

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