Gul Ahmed midsummer collection 2015 -16 cambric catalog dresses

Gul Ahmed midsummer cambric collection 2015 -16 catalog dresses

Gul Ahmed cambric collection 2015 is proud contribution of two top notch brands. The Gul Ahmed and Indus Valley Cotton international concept inc known as (The Birthplace of Cotton). Gul ahmed lawn is ready to snatch everyone’s attention with cambric midsummer collection 2015 launching on 29TH AUGUST. This is an out class and sophisticated catalog carrying lawn, Cambric, silk and chiffon dresses. The most prominent categories in which Gul Ahmed midsummer collection 2015 has been distributed are embroidered fabric, printed fabric, digital fabric in 3-piece, 2-piece and shirts collection. As midsummer season or ending season of summer is going on and almost every girl is preferring comparatively thicker fabric. So Gul Ahmed has wisely announce midsummer dress catalog on cambric fabric.Gul Ahmed has picked the fine woven 100% cotton made Cambric and enriched with signature solo. Gul ahmed midsummer cambric collection 2015 comprises on wide fabric options that are best for casual, formal and festival wear.

Gul Ahmed cambric midsummer dress catalogue 2015

Every dress and every design is masterpiece that reflect unique and quality craftsmanship of Gul Ahmed experts. Apart of premium quality, in stitching designs or tailoring concept gul ahmed has broken its own records. And it brought very beautifully twisted traditional sewing designs into modern manner in Cambric midsummer collection 2015. Gul ahmed has took inspiration from everything, element, material, color and texture that inspire us. And further sprinkled with purity and luxe appeal to make Gul Ahmed Cambric midsummer dress collection to stand apart from all other brands.

GulAhmed midsummer cambric magazine 2015-2016 dresses are realm of fantasy and simplicity is the new glamour / rendezvous with elegance.

Top Best sub niches in cambric collection 2015 in Gul ahmed Mid Summer Catalog / Magazine PDF

  1. Single Cambric collection
  2. Embroidered Chiffon Collection
  3. Embroidered Digital Single Cambric Collection
  4. Cambric 2 Piece collection / Shirts and Dupatta
  5. Embroidered Cambric Single
  6. Embroidered Chantilly Collection
  7. Three Piece Cambric
  8. Trencia Satin Silk Collection
  9. Embroidered Digital Silk Collection
  10. Printed Cambric Single
  11. Cambric Printed Kurti

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