Gul Ahmed Chantilly De Chiffon Summer Eid Fancy 2015 Vol.1

Gul Ahmed Chantilly De Chiffon Summer Eid Fancy 2015 Vol.1

Dupattas  made of lawn fabric have become a bit  old fashioned and most of the fashionable Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi women have  totally abandoned the use of lawn dresses in summer which are provided with lawn Dupattas. That is precisely why, most of the lawn producers of South Asia have begun to add  lovely and vibrant colored chiffon Dupattas with lawn dresses instead of lawn Dupattas. For instance, Summer Fancy 2015 Vol.1 by  Gul Ahmed has carried within itself an awesome collection composed of exclusively spectacular sort of summer dresses made of  comfortable lawn fabric  but provided with thin and gorgeous chiffon Dupattas. The name (Chantilly de Chiffon) which has been suggested for  this awesome collection is  very unique indeed and has been derived from French language.

In this collection you are likely to find almost twenty four unstitched items  which are despite being made of lawn, looking almost as much elegant as  the dresses made of silk or organza fabrics. The main thing that has brought great amount of elegance in this collection is no doubt, remarkably chic sort of embroidered patterns which can be seen on the front of each and every shirt. Well, intricately embroidered patterns on  shirts are not the only source of elegance here, as  the designers have toiled extremely hard to generate astonishingly stylish color combinations and  alluring designs (for printing) to decorate this collection. Another feature which is making this collection considerably unique is heavy machine embroidery on Dupattas. Yes, the previously mentioned lovely chiffon Dupattas are  embellished with heavy  embroidery on sides which  is of course, look like a  nicely woven Chantilly lace instead of nicely  done machine embroidery. So don’t miss the chance to adorn your good selves with this awesome collection designed by  the outstanding  trend-setters hired by Gul  Ahmend.

Lawn Dresses By Gul Ahmed With Embroidered Shirts and Embroidered Chiffon Dupattas

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