Five Star Classic Cambric Winter Collection 2015

The best in winter fashion is going to wander your heart around it with the fairish catalogue of Five Star Winter Classic Cambric 2015. Today’s little and little young girls are even more fashion conscious than their mothers who are considered to be grown up girls, not ladies or women as these terms associated to the damsels insinuates at their frowning age factors. How dare I can assert that? Hmm…. Well I can give an instance from own personal experiences of attending wedding ceremonies.

Once upon a time, I happened to visit a contrarily boring mehndi ceremony in which I happened to bump into one of the mohallas aunty who was a looking after her two and a half years old grand daughter who was seemed to be looking quite uncomfortable in her lehenga. When I asked the reason of her perpetual crying fits to her grand mother then she answered me in standard Punjabi language “O puttar sadi kurhi nu koi jorha pasand ee ni aonda”. Her reply shook me out of the literal expression of willing suspension of disbelief that how can a girl of this age be so fashion cognizant that knows what she wants to wear and what she does not want to wear. So, I rest my case here and tell you the purpose of writing this piece of content.

Five Star Textile is a very old and reliable textile industry of Pakistan. Recently Five Star has reveled its new and eye catching collection of Embroidered Classic Cambric dresses. This catalog includes more than 40 sensational prints that are adorned with soothing and dark colours along with detailed thread embroidery. Five Star has introduced various traditional and ever green prints that are modern yet classy. You can wear these chic inspired ethnic prints to have a pleasant winter season ahead.

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