Firdous Winter Paris Linen Dresses 2015-16

Once again winter is approached in Pakistan then fashion got active. Colorful and florid attires have spread charming essence in atmosphere. And this is the time when every brand tries to capture us with unique accentuated styles. And how most anticipated fashion brands left behind on this runway? No way… They also want to produce impressive array of comfortable fabrics that are known as season savvy. Almost every big name has preferred women and launched eclectic colored dresses with unparalleled prints and designs. Gul Ahmed, Alkaram, Junaid Jamshed, Shariq, Orient  and many other powerful textile giants have unveiled winter 2015-16 catalogs with traditional and contemporary fusion. Every brand has tried to call itself trend-setting with exquisite and diverse fabrics, rich hues and different culture inspired embellishments.

We have shown you almost every brand who came up yet on the winter fashion ramp. But now we are showing you Firdous winter collection 2015-16 comprises on linen fabric. This is 2500 priced printed unstitch suiting for girls. In which more then 60 prints have been beautifully adorned with energetic and surprising color scheme. They have used ethnic, classy, folk, tribal, ajrak, block prints, screen print, and chunri drawn textures with geometric and floral amalgamation. The linen collection is itself designs on European imported fabrics which is known as Paris Linen. Which has been tagged with perfection, quality and valued designs by firdous fashion. Paris linen 2015-16 by firdous textile mills is symbol of class, extremely unique and modern art. This impressive printed fabric is available in stores to be your partner of winter day wear.

Firdous Paris Linen Dresses for Winter Fall 2015-16 Fashion Trends

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