Faraz Manan Crescent Eid Lawn Dresses Prints 2015 Catalog / Collection

Faraz Manan Crescent Eid Lawn Dresses Prints 2015 Catalog / Collection

Faraz Manan Crescent lawn eid collection 2015 launched now. A appealing, versatile and glamorous catalog of eid dresses designed by famous Pakistani designer to become friend of eid festivity. Faraz manan is name of flawless and unbeatable trends and its valuable ethnic yet feminine modern detailing make it prominent leading manufacturer. Faraz manan designs can change the overall look of wearer that’s why mostly elite class women’s show their love for crescent lawn collections. Crescent dresses are known as expensive because faraz manan clothes are available in 6,000 to 12,000 on lawn fabric. So let’s make our elite girls happy by giving them a great news that faraz manan eid collection 2015 has been launched as crescent summer catalog. It will be in stock at outlets from 6th June. However you can pre book the item to save your favorite eid suit to get at right time. This crescent by faraz manan eid dresses magazine is reflecting versatile sense of designer through brilliantly merged colors, contrast of patterns and use of fancy elements such as beads, stones and motifs. Crescent dresses are best formal wear, evening wear and high end occasional festival clothes which will retain their position in closet for long time. You can enjoy the evergreen charm of designer dresses with complementing cuts and styles.

Faraz Manan Crescent Eid Lawn Prints 2015

Crescent – Faraz Manan Eid Lawn Prints 2015 Catalog / Collection / MAGAZINE

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