Falak Fabrics PREMIUM Lawn Collection 2015

Falak Fabrics PREMIUM Lawn Collection 2015

Falak Fabrics is one among a few textile producing organizations which always pay great heed upon quality instead of quantity. That’s probably the same reason because of which we usually find just ten or less than ten items in each collection released by this organization. For instance, its Falak Fabrics Spring/Summer Collection 2015 and Menaal Faizan Spring/ Summer Collection 2015, both had been put forth with just ten items. Falak Fabrics is of course a great innovation seeker, that is precisely why, it always try to do something different from the others and often it succeeds in doing so. After the fantastic launch of elegant Falak Fabrics Spring/ Summer Collection2015 and Menaal Faizan Spring Summer Collection 2015, Falak Fabrics has once again done a great job by launching another tremendously lovely summer collection under the head of Falak Fabrics Premium Collection 2015.
All the items in this collection have been designed by Mohammad Khalid, a very well experienced and enthusiastic fashion designer currently working for Falak Fabrics and utilizing all his creative powers and abilities to serve his employer and it’s fans and customers. In this collection there have been added ten remarkably nicely designed three piece lawn dresses which are provided with beautifully made matching hand bags or clutches. While designing the different prints for this collection, Mohammad Khalid has made remarkably sophisticated use of geometrical primitives especially triangles and diamonds which are of course seemingly prevailed over the base of each item. Further, in some items here in the same collection, there can be seen sub continental paisley art with all its beauties and magnificent floral art with all its charms. Moreover, in this collection with each and every item there has been included a gorgeous and vibrantly printed chiffon Duppata which is looking really cool with stylish lawn dress and beautiful matching hand bag.Elegantly Designed Lawn Dresses From Falak Fabrics Premium Collection 2015

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