Embellish Le Beau Monde Chiffon 2015-2016 Vol-2

It’s time to cheer and saying of welcome to 2016. On the arrival of the year 2016 let’s re-define our wardrobes with exquisite quality fabric, original designs, latest cuts and high-end fashion with the help of Embellish Clothing. Embellish Clothing is an emerging fashion brand who deals in semi-formal and party wear and in a very limited time period it becomes enable to give a tough competition to the top class designer and fashion brands of Pakistan fashion industry. As in the celebration of New Year Embellish’s Clohing has unveiled a pretentious Pure Chiffon collection 2016 vol-2 to give a fierce competition to Asim Jofa’s Luxrious Chiffon Winter Collection 2015-16. As Asim has also exhibited his fashion magazine in the last week which was also based on luxe fabric of Chiffon and Silk, contemporary embroidered patterns, sensational hues and fine tailoring designs. Being a new comer it was not easy for the Embellish Clothing to be in opposition of Asim Jofa because Asim is a big name of fashion industry who have joined the fashion house when there were only few designers in Pakistan fashion industry.

The fashion monger of Embellish Clothing has ornamented this Le Beau Monde Collection 2016- Vol 2 with 10 classy layout for the formal and semi formal occasions. No doubt Asim’s collection was fabulous but this fashion catalogue of Embellish Clothing is not less than Asim’s Collection. You can say that Embellish Formal Wear Embroidered Chiffon 2015-16 Vol-2 will succeed to enrapture the clients of Asim. As the designing team has introduced such hypnotizing embroidered patterns about which a common man even can’t think. Not only the stunning embroidery but the use of glittering material, royal sequins, pearls and beads are enhancing the flavor of beauty where as the use of fine tailoring designs are giving an elegant touch to the whole catalogue. So ladies this time it’s not easy for you to select a classy outfit for a party or any other celebration, between the big name of fashion industry Asim jofa and emerging fashion icon Embellish Clothing.

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