Élan Vital Summer Collection 2015 by Khadijah Shah

Elan by Khadijah Shah is a very famous fashion brand of Pakistan. It offers wide range of women’s wear dresses from csuals to formal, lawn and pret. Elan has earned a sublime popularity among the ladies within a shorter time period of about past few years. Elan, keeping the quality work up, has recently launched something special, Vital Midsummer Collection 2015, for its clients who are about to visit the shopping centers for their midsummer wardrobe preparations.
Elan Vital Lawn 2015 is such an attire range which is created for turning an ordinary female into someone extraordinary. Piece and 3 piece detailed embroidered short kurti style shirts along with dupattas and fancy embroidered trousers are the distinct features of this catastrophic summer oriented ravishing lawn showcase. Marked with beautiful soothing hues and exaggerated thread embroidery inspired by nature are giving a wow impression to the sights of the seers with company of pastel and light colors of peach, light green, white, grey and so on.
Elan By Khadijah Shah Vital Dresses are perfect to wear in mid summer days as we know the temperature starts getting low after September. These dresses are made with lawn fabric but highlighted with detailed embroidery. Moreover to give the dresses more trendy look the designer has clubbed short shirts with embroidered Pant trousers. All the dresses are modern yet close to our heritage. Try these chic inspired classy designs of Vital Midsummer Lawn 2015 to have a pleasant season ahead.

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