Deepak Perwani Eid Dress Collection 2015 Pret Designs

At last, Pakistan’s great fashion icon Deepak Perwani has proudly  unveiled his  most awaited Eid collection 2015 for women and  all the lovers of colors, beauty and glamour are feeling themselves under the powerful spell of this outstanding sort of collection.

Though this outstanding  collection designed by Deepak Perwani is not a bit voluminous by size and has brought only seven Kurta items along, but you can see unprecedented beauty and perfection everywhere here. For instance, in the preparation of these Kurtas, designer has very keenly used extremely refined sort of silk fabric which is dyed and printed in a true impeccable way even without a minor flaw.  Of course, all these items are looking outstanding with very clear and detailed floral as well as bohemian digitally printed patterns, slightly exotic but exclusively  nice sort of color combinations, colorful as well as white glimmering artificial gems, lovely pearls and a host of stylish decorative buttons. Further, in the same collection you are likely to find a few Kurtas which are very nicely decorated with exquisite laces and chained tassels , while the items which are embellished with magnificent machine embroidery in gold in the form excessively alluring motifs can also be seen here. Moreover, all the Kurta items here are characterized by almost identical sort of  straight cuts, long sleeves  and V-shaped necks with the exception of a few items which are looking slightly different from the rest because of  having a bit differently but nicely designed placket. In short, all the Kurtas which you are likely to find in Deepak Perwani Eid Collection 2015 are packed with countless features which can give you a nice, elegant and sumptuous appearance on Eid day  and make your deserved to be appreciated by everyone.

Elegant Digitally Printed Kurtas For Women From Deepak Perwani Eid Collection 2015


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