Dawood Ayyan Designer Embroidery EID Collection 2015 Vol-1

As Eid festival, whether it be the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid-ul-Azha, is celebrated enthusiastically for three consecutive days, most of the Muslim South Asian especially Pakistani, girls and women prefer apparels made of glimmering silk or organza fabric for the first day of Eid, on the second day they love to wear outfits made of chiffon or georgette while on the third day, they happily wear dresses made of lawn or cotton. These days, when Eid season is about to approach and all the women and girls from Muslim community are making plans to celebrate this beautiful religious festival, all the designers and manufactures have made their minds to amaze their customers and fans by materializing their fascinating ideas in the forms of various awesome collections and volumes so that all their fans and customer could have a large variety to select their Eid apparels from. For instance, Dawood Textile, a very well known producer of textile goods, has launched an awesome volume which has carried with itself almost twenty four enchanting sort of multi piece comfortable summer dresses which you can proudly and confidently wear on the third day of Eid. This volume has been released a few days earlier under the head of Ayyan Designer Embroidery Collection 2015 Vol-1.

This collection is going to be proved remarkably comfortable in summer as all the dresses in it are  made of soft and nice Swiss voile fabric with the exception of beautiful and gorgeous printed chiffon Dupattas. Different types of soft, cool, faded and vibrant shades of beautiful colors can be seen in this collection combined with nicely printed paisley, honey comb, floral, geometrical and abstract patterns. All items in this collection are provided with nicely embroidered separate necklines which will certainly make all the  shirts worthy of countless praise. Further,  in order to stylize this collection manufacturer has added nicely printed Shalwars or trousers here instead of simple dyed Shalwars. Moreover, like the other previously released collections by the same manufacturer, this collection too can be ordered in totally stitched, semi stitched as well as totally unstitched form with a little difference in price.  So don’t miss a chance to have a nice comfortable Eid with Dawood Textile. Lovely Dresses With Separate Embroidered Neckline From…..

Ayyan Designer Embroidery Collection 2015 Vol-1 By Dawood Textile

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