Charizma Summer Collection 2015 Volume-2

Charizma Lawn Collection 2015 Vol-2: It is obviously the courtesy of Riaz Arts because of which high quality Swiss Voile in its best form is available now in bulk in many places of the country. A few decades earlier people used to prepare window curtains and bed sheets etc using this fabric and only a few African people including the second elected vice president of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar, used to wear it because of it softness and power of absorption. As the softness of this fabric and comfort associated with it is beyond all questions, a few people concluded that this fabric might be proved perfect for feminine use in South Asia. In Pakistan, Riaz Arts took it upon itself to refine and stylize this fabric and to put forth remarkably lovely outcome. In order to do so, Riaz Arts laid the foundation of Charizma in 2012. Though Charizma mainly deals with Swiss Voile fabric, you can find here the products made of crisp cotton, Luxurious Lawn and Peach Leather Jacquard.These days, as the summer season is on its peak and Swiss voile fabric has been proved as much comfortable as lawn in summer, Riaz Arts is busy in launching one after the other volume composed of beautiful and comfortable dresses made of Swiss voile. For instance immediately after the release of Charizma Spring Summer Vol.1 2015, they brought elegant Miss Charizma 2015 Volume-1, there were launched Range Summer Vol.1 and Miss Charizma Vol. 2. But, of course, that was not the end as there has been released another volume under the title of Charizma Summer Volume-2-2015 by the same organization. In this volume there have been included almost twenty four items including both three piece and Kurtis, which are seeming elegant visual treats by look and treasure of comfort by touch. In order to ensemble beauty and comfort in a single clothing item, designers have taken prop of a host of traditional patterns and combined them together with superb excellence to generate a host of eye catching as well as unique prints. Another thing which is dragging magnificence in these items is beautiful embroidery which is done with great sophistication on the fronts and sleeves of all the shirts. All the Dupattas, which have been included in the volume are made of superfine chiffon fabric and characterized by exclusively intricate but clear chic prints.

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