Bonanza Eid Collection 2015 For Men Stitched Shalwar Suits & Kurta

Bonanza Eid Collection 2015 For Men Stitched Shalwar Suits & Kurta

Shalwar Kameez is the most common dress used by the people of Pakistan especially men.  A few decades earlier, when this outfit was introduced as Awami Suit,  people liked it a lot because that was designed especially for the people of Pakistan and was entirely different from the clothes used by other South Asian people.  Though, Shalwar Kameez got immense popularity  soon after it’s  introduction as Awami Suit, but most of the people used to feel reluctance while wearing this dress on different special occasions of their lives because of the odd and unglamorous cuts of it. Now, fortunately, there have been emerged a host of fashion designers on the scene of Pakistani fashion who keep on  introducing   new and stylish designs in Shalwar Suits and the designs introduced by them successfully stimulate people to use this dress as formal dress on different important occasions of their lives. Bonaza is an organization that is playing a vital role in promoting the national dress of Pakistan by discovering new and innovative ways to put style and glamour in it. For instance, this organization has recently brought an awesome Eid collection for men composed of a variety of masculine Kurtas, Kurta Shalwars  as well as Shalwar  Kameez suits under the title of Bonaza Eid Collection for Men 2015.

In Bonanza Eid Collection  2015 For Men, there are available a few nicely designed Shalwar Kameez suits , Kurta Shalwars and a host of vibrantly colored single Kurtas which are supposed to used with white Shalwars. Well, all the Shalwar Kameez suits  which have been made available in this collection by the manufacturer are made of either 100% pure cotton or blended fabric and looking magnificent with traditional stiff colors, same stiff cuff links but slightly differently designed  Kurta styled placket. Further, these Shalwar Kameez suits are available in dim and soft shades of different colors e.g. white, cream and light grey etc.  On the other hand, all the available Kurta items in this collection are made of remarkably nice looking as well as comfortable handwoven fabric  and looking  magnificent  with Sherwani collars and straight sleeves.  Further, unlike Shalwar Kameez  suits , these Kurtas are available in a host of vibrant hues e.g. bright magenta, bright orange, bright red, peach, dark brown, camel, maroon, turquoise, sea green, black and mustard etc.  So, select any item of your choice from Bonanza Eid Collection  2015 For Men and  pay tribute to the holy festival of Eid-ul-Fitr by assuming a look of a glamours Pakistani man.

Nice Designed From Bonanza Eid Collection 2015 For Men

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