Beech Tree Baroque Eid Luxury Pret 2015

Right after Eid-Ul-Fitr the preparations of Eid Ul Adha takes start in Muslim countries. As our both festivals have different celebrations and demands but when it comes to women; They buy new dresses for every Eid whether its Eid ul Fitr or Adha. Like always this Eid Ul Adha the festivities of Eid are on its peak. Males are busy in searching lamb, bulls and cows for Eid to sacrifise; while women are busy in searching unique and stylish dresses to wear on Eid day.
If you are thinking to visit market to buy Eid ul azha dresses then we suggest you to pop in to BeechTree outlet atleast once as they have recently reveled their super luxury eid collection under the tag of “Baroque Eid Luxury Pret 2015“. As the name is reveling the whole story this magnificent collection based on some extra fancy festive dresses that are specially designed for the evening parties of Eid-Ul-Adha. Beech Tree Eid Ul Adha Luxury Pret 2015 dresses are made with sheer and luxe fabrics and beautifully adorned with gold thread, pearls and fancy embroideries. Beech Tree has used some very smart ideas to make the dresses more captivating such as the designer has adorned dark base shirts with extra bright ornamentations; while light base shirts are adorned with gold thread works. Mostly dresses are designed in short length patterns and clubbed with self worked white or colourful printed dupattas. Moreover the addition of colourful dupattas have given a new class and elegance to the dresses.

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