Ayesha Somaya Eid Collection 2015

Ayesha Somaya Eid Collection 2015 Embroidered Lawn Dresses by Flitz Vol-2

Whenever Eid festival comes all the Muslims try to forget all their mutual disputes and refresh their worn out relationships. For that purpose, they love to give presents to each other to show their sincerity and the depth of their love and friendship. Most of the men in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh usually give readymade Kurtas, unstitched suit pieces, watches and tie pins to their friends as Eid presents while the women often prefer to give presents in the form of shimmering colorful bangles, artificial jewelry and beautiful fancy suits to their friends on the occasion of Eid. Well, if you are a South Asian Muslim women and looking for something nice and valuable to give your friend as Eid present,  Ayesha Somaya is ready to help you. Yes, you can select any beautiful dress from Ayesha Somaya Eid Collection 2015 which has recently been released and composed of almost twenty elegant suits which your friends must like as Eid present from you.

Each and every dress, which has been included in Ayesha Somaya Eid Collection 2015, can give you a great amount of comfort and elegance at the same time. Yes, these dresses are comfortable because of being made of superior quality lawn fabric and at the same time, because of being highly  embellished with nicely embroidered panels, necklines , silk laces  and a host of beautiful  traditional cum modern printed pattern, looking remarkably fancy. Though, with most of the items designers have preferred to add dyed Shalwars or trousers , but the  items with printed trousers or Shalwars are also available in the same collection. Further, if  you count yourself one  among a host of  enthusiastic lovers of soft and light chiffon fabric, then you are likely to fall in love with this collection after casting a single glance upon it because each and every item in this collection has carried within itself a lovely printed chiffon Dupatta , while a few items in the same collection  are provided with gorgeous chiffon sleeves instead of lawn. So, if you have not purchased Eid gifts for your dear ones so far, don’t forget to think about the lovely Ayesha Somaya Eid Collection 2015.

Fancy Lawn Dresses  With Chiffon Dupattas by Ayesha Somaya Eid Collection 2015

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