Ayesha Chottani Midsummer Lawn Collection 2015 by Shariq Textile

Groom your outer-self with the elucidating luxe of Ayesha Chottani and Shariq Textiles’ delicate midsummer niche of Ayesha Chottani Midsummer Collection by Shariq Textiles 2015. This midsummer clothing themed is founded upon the half funky and half opulent crisp in designing, stitchery, prints and in tinges. Coercive tints always attract us when they are etched on the fabrics of out desired tailoring pattern and if they are primary in origin then our resistance is all vain of not having the second look at them. Embroidery then gets value added to the dresses after getting mashed up with theses tinctures and our keep-coming midsummer spiced lawn collections are centered round the same features which are getting a massive positive feedback from the clienteles.

This midsummer season Shariq Textiles offers a very interesting collection that contains trendy midsummer lawn suits that are oriented with captivating designs, alluring colours and sensational presentation. Moreover Ayesha Chottani has introduced some very different designs that are unique and very rate to seen on lawn fabric. Ayesha Chottani Midsummer Collection by Shariq 2015 is a trend setting collection that will open new door of innovation on simple lawn midsummer dresses.

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