Ayesha Chottani Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

Eid is an occasion that makes everybody feel happy. All the Muslims, especially women and girls of all age groups, try to make this occasion as much beautiful as they can. That is precisely why, months before they start making preparations to celebrate Eid. Almost all the female members of Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi Muslim societies buy three remarkably fancy dresses for the three days of Eid. On Eid day, they try to cook something different and delicious along with traditional cuisines of the region including Sivyyaan, Biryani, Pulao, Korma, Kheer, Shami Kababs and Tikka , and wear lovely fancy dresses along with perfumes, Mehendi (henna) and a host of colorful bangles which are usually made of beautiful and shiny glass or metals.

Different designers and manufactures always try to help their customers and fans in making their Eid colorful, beautiful and memorable by releasing a host of collections and volumes composed of lovely fancy dresses which are by all means, proved suitable for the occasion of Eid. As Eid is just two and a half months ahead, so these designers and manufacturers have started to launch such collections and Shariq Textile is of course, one among them. Yes, after the funtastic launch of two consecutive Kurti collections (Sahil Embroidered Kurti Collection2015 & Rabea Embroidered Kurti Collection 2015), Shariq Texitle is making preparations to release another collection composed of three piece fancy lawn dresses under the head of Ayesha Chottani Eid Collection 2015.

As, this year we are going to have a sizzling hot Eid day, so Shariq Textile has decided to add all the dresses made of superior quality lawn fabric in this collection instead of silk, organza, velvet or georgette. Despite being made of lawn, these dresses are looking remarkably fancy because in order to make up for the complete absence of silk, organza, velvet and other fancy fabrics from this collection, designer has paid exclusive heed upon the designing of the patterns for necklines, Damaans, sleeves and the backs of the shirts. Yes, all the shirts which are going to be included in this collection are very heavily embellished with intricate and beautiful machine embroidery on necklines, Damaans, sleeves and the backs of the shirts. Further, like other collections released by Shariq Textile, this collection too, is brimming filled with beautiful and vibrant shades of various colors and awesome floral, geometrical, bohemian and abstract prints. In order to add more elegance in this collection, there have been added a strikingly lovely and gorgeous printed chiffon dupatta with each and every item which is of course, making a perfect match with stylish embroidered lawn dress and ready to give you a fresh and gorgeous look on the hot summer Eid day.

Embroidered Lawn Dresses With Chiffon Dupattas From Ayesha Chottani Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

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