Asim Jofa Embroidered Luxury Chiffon Collection 2015-16

Asim Jofa Luxury Winter 2016: Asim Jofa is entreating thousands of his beloved clients not only in Pakistan but across the borders, whereas the trust of Asim Jofa’s client has reached at such level that when they hear the name of their trustworthy designer Asim Jofa, they prefer to go for the costume designed by Asim Jofa by keeping their eyes closed. By keeping in view of wedding celebrations, New Year festivities and Christmas occasion Asim jofa has decided to launch luxury stylized breathtaking Asim Jofa Luury Chiffon 2015-16.

Now let’s discuss that through which kind of embellishments Asim has tried to win the hearts of his clients by veiling the lapses of their personalities. First commanding feature of this forthcoming Asim Jofa Embroidered Chiffon Catalogue 2016 is that the designer has chosen luscious fabric of chiffon by breaking the trend of warm fabrics like khaddar, karandi, velvet and silk. Asim has adorned the shirts by employing different techniques as some shirts are adorned with apelike-work whereas for some shirts Asim has used resham thread for the garnishing. And by using resham thread Asim has decorated the shirts by applying chicken-kari embroidered patterns whereas some are ornamented with our typical paisley embroidered patterns. The appetizing beauty of silver and golden detailed embroidery on the shirts is creating heart-throbbing feelings in the viewers. If we moves a step forward to the colour scheme of this Unstitched Luxury Dresses Chiffon Winter Collection 2016 you will be amaze by watching the colour contrasted theme of each ensemble.

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