Areeba Saleem ZS Textile Jacquard & Peach Leather Shawls 2015-16

Go beautiful this fall winter with the irresistible array of fashionable stylish and novel ZS Textiles and Areeba Saleem’s joint venture under the caption of ZS Textiles Peach leather and jacquard collection 2015. The mesmerizing display of shawl apparel is the season’s most visit and the frequently purchased clothing attitude ever recorded this winter and which is still getting run out from the stocks. Imagine yourself on the surrealist land of romanticism, over your bare feet are touching the harmlessly frosty pavement, covered with the fallen leaves of autumnal resurrection; with wrapping around the decent and warmth imparting shawl, giving a romantic and fantasizing scenario of the winter sunset.

ZS the title itself is declaring that this catalogue of ZS Textiles Peach leather and jacquard collection 2015 is a compilation of embroidered shawl instances with a new touch of leather and jacquard fineries and 3 piece speechless article assortments. Thread work and laced patched embellishments, peachy color and warmth imparting fabric is altogether is niche a reflection of the classic couture collection with wintry sophistication.

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