Anaya Luxury Chiffon Collection 2016-2017 Vol-2

Elegance is not being noticed, it’s about being remembered. Class, elegance and style are combination that can make anyone a admiring personality. Elegance is a physical quality and you can enhance it by wearing fashionable clothes or putting an array of fresh colors. The designer Kiran Chaudhry understands it that how she can help women to be remembered by getting chic look. That’s why she makes efforts to bring new styles, new fashion and new designs for every season on chiffon dresses.Kiran Chaudhry not only takes care about real combination of admiring persona as well as try to put new definition of elegance by mixing with impressive ideas. Her Anaya Chiffon 2016 Vol 2 is a reflection of impressive trend. In all type of festive dresses of Anaya chiffon collection is one of the out-standing and charismatic article. Kiran Chaudhry chiffon dresses provides ultimate form of formal embroidered luxury dresses. In which she presents 3/pieces pure chiffon suits in pair of chiffon dupattas and net dupattas. Last season Anaya Chiffon was the blend of exceptional cut work and embroidery art. and her upcoming volume of Anaya Luxury Chiffon 2016 Vol-2 catalog is blend of classic handicrafts mixed in lesser cutwork. laces and fancy material.

Anaya Festive Chiffon 2017 Vol-2

Prebooking of Anaya chiffon by Kiran Chaudhry has been started on She-Styles Fabric Store, you can book your designs now.

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