Amna Ismail Winter Chiffon Luxury Party Wear 2015 16 Vol2

Amna Ismail Semi Stitched Winter Chiffon Luxury Party Wear Collection 2015 16 Vol2

Rich colors and exquisite patterns are hallmark of Amna Ismail and Ghulam shabbir textiles. Their purity redefied and simply classic provide the fashion savvy much needed luxury and class with effortless semi stitched fabric. Forget the previously described seasonal fashion and just look at newly launched winter semi stitched luxury chiffon collection – This is best expression of fashion with dark tones to maintain the warmth, luxury that exactly plays perfect for formal style and sub continent cuts and trims. Amna Ismail chiffon volume with with 10 ultimate designs bring you conventional mix of traditional styles accentuated by thick or all over done embroidered fabric in contrastive color palette.

Amna Ismail new winter semi stitched chiffon is an eclectic blend of ethnic styls formed in modern way and complimented with best thread work. It can bring high definition luxury fashion if your evening formal closet with the fusion of simply chic style. The greatly pleasing bold colors with divinely beauty done in an exceedingly polished way. So add the new life in cupboard and give warmth feel with quality through semi stitched Chiffon luxury Collection 2015 16 Vol-2.

Winter Semi Stitched Chiffon Luxury Formal Dresses in Amna Ismail Collection 2015 16 Vol2

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