Amna ismail Semi Stitched Embroidery Lenin vol 2 2015-16

Every fashion pioneer is upping the fashion in unique and constantly evolving in order to be most anticipated brand of the season. But as you can see the arena is full of innovation and class so being winner in winter race is as difficult as nailing Jelly to a tree. But still they are not silent and continuously approaching in fashion arena with new volumes blend of new colors, design, fabric and patterns. Such as yesterday alzohaib with Wintery bareez 2015 and now amna ismail with winter linen collection 2015-16. This is semi stitched range again fabricated on line fabric. Amna ismail has transformed in modern solo and garnished every piece with individual art of style.

Amna ismail winter linen vol-2 is combination of vivid and radiant hues and ethnic patterns. The vital feature in linen is embroidery which is fine, nicely finished and delicate. Embroidery application on neck, sleeves and borders is adding classy touch and making it formal and semi formal wear fashion. Amna ismail by ghulam shabbir textiles new winter linen dresses volume 2 is effortless due to its semi stitched patterns and just side seem needs to be sewn to make it wearable.

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