Amir Adnan Eid Ul Fitr Kurtas Collection 2015 for Men

Amir Adnan Eid Summer Collection 2015:

Our male fans and readers must be frustrated by seeing one after another womne’s wear festive collections, As no one had launched even a single collection for men yet. But today the dynamic fashion icon of Pakistan Amir Adnan has broke the ice and reveled his wide range of Eid Ul Fitar Kurta Shalwar Designs 2015 for Men.
Well, it is a stereotypical concept we have made that eid is truly a festival for young girls, women and kids, but now this Eid-ul-fitr related statement have been redefined by our male designers whose primal focus is upon the men’s wear. Our male who are 51% of all total population are considered to be dry and having none of the aesthetic sense, but this is the general opinion of most of our females who think that men are dry in their taste and do not even put any consideration to their dressing as well. But Amir Adnan Eid Kurta Shalwar Collection 2015 is a one of a kind couture which can make a tasteless male attractive towards it and would definitely fall for it. There is a majority of males who most likely to go for decent colors and simple plain fabric wash and wear trousseaus which are giving a manly aura to them, but some of them prefer to carry embroidered bright shaded outfits which are not giving any feminine look but they are designed to cater the masculine persona to its wearer. On Eid especially, we have seen that even those men who do not prefer shalwar kameez on colloquial bases but they do buy a specific shalwar kameez for the Eid day. So, keeping the choices in to account, Amir Adnan has launched his Eid-ul-fitr related men’s wear kurta shalwar edition Amir Adnan Eid Summer Collection 2015 which is being looted up with the ladies who are doing shopping for their men and those men who are doing shopping for them in the want of looking extravagant and virile.

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