Amir Adnan Crafted Menswear For Eid and Formal Special Occasions

Eid brings happiness for every Muslim regardless age, gender, language or nationality. According to Islamic teachings, it is good for all the Muslims to wear new and nice dresses and Ittars (non-alcoholic perfumes) on Eid to show their gratitude toward  the  creator of the universe. Like Mulism women and girls, men and boys too, celebrate Eid festival with great zeal and fervor. They leave their beds early in the morning on Eid day, take a detailed bath, wear new dresses and Ittars  and go to Eid Gaah  (a place where Muslim men and boys usually offer Namaz-E-Eid) to offer Namaz-E-Eid (Eid prayar). After that, they give enthusiastic hugs to all the male friends and family members and distribute Eidi  (money as Eid present) among children, younger siblings, nieces and nephews.

As almost all the Pakistani as well as Indian and Bangladeshi men spend first three days of the month of Shawwal (Eid) enjoying consecutive friendly gatherings, so they need usually more than one outfit to celebrate this festival properly. If you are a South Asian Muslim man and looking for elegant outfits to celebrate the oncoming Eid festival, I am going to show you the way that goes  toward the stores of dear Amir Adnan. Well, I am not literally going to show you any way but I am going to describe the features of an awesome collection designed by Amir Adnan for all the tradition cum modernity lover men and boys of South Asia. This collection has been released under the title of Limited Edition (Distinctly Crafted For Special Occasions).

As its name reveals, Limited Editon (Distinctly Crafted For Special Occasions) is not a voluminous collection but composed of just fourteen items . These items are made of cotton, cotton shimmer, poly viscose and linen fabrics and available in slightly vibrant but  remarkably magnificent shades of various masculine colors e.g. electric blue, rust, teal blue, dark brown, olive green, grayish pink, black, white and turquoise. All the shirts which have been included in this collection are looking exclusively elegant with nicely embroidered Sherwani collars and prominently embroidered necks while a few shirts have some additional embellishment in the form of magnificently embroidered motifs on chest and both of the sleeves and awesome printed or woven side panels. Further, items characterized by magnificent stone work and eye catching screen prints are also available in the same collection. So make your Eid more special by putting on any suit from Amir Adnan’s  Limited Editon (Distinctly Crafted For Special Occasions).

Spectacular Shalwar Suits For Men Designed By Amir Adnan For Eid And Other Special Occasions

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