Amir Adnan Casual Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez Collection 2015-16

Amir Adnan Casual Kurtas & Shalwar Kameez Collection 2015-16

The words like woods, moors, daffodils, flower decked cottages, murmuring streams, brooks and cuckoo etc, often remind us of the  English poet  William Wordsworth.  This worldly famous poet was happened to be an enthusiastic lover of nature and a great part of his poetry is packed with the descriptions of his adventures in woods, wandering around brooks and moors, sometimes alone and sometimes in the company of his sister Dorothy. Wordsworth used to love summer season passionately because it makes flowers bloom and frozen streams run and brings with itself an air of romance.

Unfortunately, South Asian people are not lucky enough to have pleasant, soft and romantic summers like the people of England. Of course, in South Asian territories,  this season excessively  irritates people instead of making them feel happy and romantic and they keep on trying to find  different ways through which the effects of this season can be made less harsh.  It is to wear thin and comfortable outfits is one of the most common ways to get protection from intense heat of South Asian summers and like women and girls, men and boys too, have every right to protect themselves from that heat and to keep their good looks perfectly intact. Amir Adnan, one of the most famous menswear specialists of South Asia, has stepped forward to resolve this masculine issue by launching an impressive collection for men under the head of Everyday Comfort Wear Collection 2015-16.

In Everyday Comfort Wear Collection 2015-16, designer has included a good number of nicely stitched and very well trimmed summer Kurtas as well as complete Shalwar Kameez suits for men. In the preparation of these items designer has mostly used pure cotton, mixed cotton, linen and poly viscose fabric. Some of the Kurtas and Kameez’s in this collection are looking awesome with nicely embroidered Sherwani collars while the rest are looking a bit earnest with traditional stiff collars. A few shirts in this collection have  one chest pocket,  while a few have two chest pockets. Further, the shirts and Kurta with no chest pocket are also available in the same collection. All types of light and sumptuous masculine colors (e.g. off-white, cream, blue, camel, brown, sky blue, khaki, olive green, grey, beige, white and black etc) are available in this collection which are perfectly suitable for all the men and boys from fifteen to eighty. So put these dresses on and  make your summer easy and comfortable without endangering your outward looks.

Stitched  Shalwar Suits For Men From Everyday Comfort Wear Collection 2015-16 By Amir Adnan

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