Alkaram Winter Collection 2016-2017 Vol-2 Complete Catalogue

Alkaram Winter Rungon Ki Dunya 2016 Vol-2 is finally out that contains hottest designs for fall winter 2016. This catalog is available unstitched patterns that are available in 3 key formats of kurti collection, 3 piece and two piece , printed and embroidered dresses. This cold season wrap yourself in warmness of dark shades, luxury of silk velvet, coziness of soft pashmina’s and richness of linen. Alkaram winter collection 2017 Vol-2 is offering you wide designs option and diverse fabrics for winter formal informal wear. In order to stand out at every occasion of autumn; you will get latest prints inspired by classic motifs and highlighted by delicate thread embroideries. Winter means high tempered wardrobe which include eternal beauty of colors, style, comfort and sophistication and these are the key features of Alkaram winter dresses. You should welcome the winter with finest fabric that have glitch of dark shades, somber textures and elegance so that you remember every hour of the season. And to make your every moment or every day more memorable, Alkaram is offering all must-have fundamentals in winter fashion 2017. In which beauty of linen, exotic appeal of silk velvet, cotton, karandi, pashmina a world of glamorous fabrics has been created for you.


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