Alkaram Studio Festive Pret Wear Collection 2015-2016 for Women

Alkaram Studio Festive Pret Wear Collection 2015-2016 for Women

Festival of Eid-ul-Fitr is only  twelve days ahead and almost everyone has completed his or her Eid shopping.  Of course, along with other accessories, unstitched fancy dresses  too, have been purchased by most of the people and have been handed to the tailors to be stitched properly on time. But unfortunately, some people have not  had  their Eid dresses purchased so far and feeling great concern about the matter because most of the tailors are extremely busy these days and  no longer ready to accept new orders. All such male, as well as, female friends of mine are sincerely advised not to get tensed anymore and buy ready to wear dresses instead of unstitched or semi stitched ones. Well, if you are a woman and for some reason or the other have not had your Eid dress ready so far  and still not sure from where to purchase proper ready to wear suits for Eid, I will be glad to help you.  Yes, here in this post, I am going to describe the features of a very small but exclusively elegant PRET collection that has been  launched by Alkaram Studio under the title of Alkaram Studio Festive Pret Wear Collection 2015.

Alkaram Studio Festive Pret Wear Collection 2015 is considerably smaller in size as compare to the previously released collection (Alkaram Studio Festival Collection 2015) by the same organization. This collection is composed of only four items, out of which, two items (because of being composed of a shirt and a trouser) can be categorized as two piece items, while the rest of the items (because of being composed of  a shirt, a trouser and a Dupatta) can be categorized as three piece items.

Both of the tree piece items in this collection are furnished with printed shirts, printed trousers, nicely printed chiffon Dupattas,  a piece of extra embroidered border, a piece of extra jacquard border and  a few beautiful decorative buttons.  While, the two piece items in the same collection are looking really magnificent having metallic embroidery on  the fronts and sleeves of the  printed shirts and elegant golden lace on the edges of the sleeves as well as Damaan of the shirts. Further, both of the two piece items are provided with beautiful trousers made of nicely woven jacquard fabric which are of course, combined with nicely designed shirts, more than enough to multiply the charm of your traits by one hundred. So don’t wait anymore and complete your Eid shopping as soon as possible by shaking hands with Alkaram.

Magnificent Ready To Wear Two Piece & Three Piece Suits From Alkaram Studio Festive Pret Wear Collection 2015


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