Alkaram Festival Collection 2015 Eid-ul-Fitr Three Piece Lawn & Shirts Designs

Alkaram Eid Festival Collection 2015 Catalog Magazine

Alkaram Eid Festival Dresses Collection 2015 Catalog MagazineAll the textile producing organizations in the different regions of the world where Muslims live in majority are trying to put forth lovely and fancy dresses in bulk in the markets for sell so that, everyone could celebrate oncoming Eid festival happily and conveniently. In order to provide suitable dresses for Eid  to  all the Muslim women and girls of  South Asian region , Alkaram Studio (one of the largest Pakistan based textile producing unit) is about to  release an impressive Eid collection under the head of Festival Collection 2015. This collection will be composed of a variety of elegant shirt pieces as well as three piece items and the date which has been selected for the final  release of this collection is June 6, 2015.

Some of the shirt pieces which are going to be included in Festival Collection 2015 by Alkaram, are made of nicely woven jacquard fabric and going to be looked remarkably alluring with embroidered fronts , extra embroidered jacquard sleeves and  glimmering satin borders. There are a few shirt pieces in the same collection made of comfortable lawn fabric instead of jacquard, and going to give you a soft and cool look with intricately embroidered fronts and gorgeous  ornamental laces.

Along with lovely and gorgeous  shirt piece items, a good number of three piece items too, are going to be included in Festival Collection 2015. These three piece items are made of  chiffon, voile, dobby as well as elegant silk jacquard fabrics. All the shirts which are going to be included in these three piece items, are either embellished with magnificent machine embroidery on fronts or provided with extra embroidered necklines. Like  beautifully embroidered fronts, some of the shirts  in the same collection are going to have beautifully embroidered sleeves too, which will certainly make your Eid dress much more elegant and fancy. A few three piece items in this collection are going to be available with dyed, while the rest are going to be furnished with magnificently printed Shalwars or trousers. Further, some of the trousers are going to have extra embroidered bunches for embellishment. Each and every three piece  item in Festival Collection 2015 is going to be made available with either soft and  nice voile Dupatta, remarkably eye catching chiffon Dupatta or magnificently shimmering silk Dupatta. Moreover, all the items in which designers have planned to add thin and gorgeous chiffon shirts, are likely to be provided with extra 2.5 meter fabric for slip. In short, Festival Collection 2015 which is going to be released by Alkaram Studio on June 6, 2015, is very well designed and able to add countless pluses in your personality during the celebration of Eid festival.

Three Piece Dresses Made of Chiffon, Voile, Dobby & Silk Jacquard From Festival Collection 2015 By Alkaram


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