Aeisha Varsey Premium Lawn Collection 2015 for Eid Launched by Sitara Textiles

Aeisha Varsey Premium Lawn Spring/Summer 2015:
This summer and Eid-ul-fitr color yourself with the revelry and juvenility of the Aeisha Varsey Premium Lawn Spring/Summer 2015. Celebration is all about coloration. Could not get this phrase? Ok no problem. Let’s make it easier to understand. When we are celebrating a commemoration, then we express its festivity by theming some colors accordingly to regard its peculiarity. Let suppose take the example of Eid-ul-fitr festival in which everyone can texturized himself with the lively colors of the nature and adorn themselves with the accessories which add a value and beauty to your whole appearance. Since Eid is a centenary which brings joy and happiness to the people and they celebrate it with full enthusiasm and they express their excitement by attiring themselves in the flamboyant and formal dresses which are embellished with the motifs and other ornaments. Aeisha Varsey and Sitara Textiles have jointly put forward a wide and versatile range of embroidered and luxury first-class lawn collection which will make hits this Eid with the name Aeisha Varsey Premium Lawn Eid Catalogue 2015.
Comprising upon the chic 3 piece regally embroidered kurti style embroidered and printed shirts with matching dyed shalwar and florally printed chiffon dupattas are just getting prettier to the our very sights. Florally, digitally and naturally inspired etches with colorful and opulent shades are being dominated by the paisley and floral thread work neckline and full body embellishments of contrasted flashing hues. Since this catalogue is marked with glam and pomp, then to compliment this flamboyancy, simple printed chiffon comfy dupattas have been added to this collection with fancy trousers which makes it a perfect treat for coming Eid-ul-fitr festive activities. Aeisha Varsey Luxury Lawn Eid Catalogue 2015 is about to be hanged in the shelves of the flagship stores and your nearest stockists.

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